Kansas City, I love you.

By Michaela Warren.

Kansas City (KC), I love you.

KC is a city that is growing up fast. Its food and fashion scene are expanding, and its advertising scene is a fierce competitor.

I rarely make it out to KC, but when I do, I make it worth while. It’s a beautiful city and it’s making its mark.

It’s not a megacity, with sky rises and a subway system, but it could be up there one day.

As a kid, I dreamed of moving to Paris or NYC. I always wanted to get out of Kansas, and I did, eventually.

As a senior in high school, I applied and got accepted to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). The city was everything I imagined and more.

When I moved back to Kansas, I, how do  you say, was less than thrilled.

KC changed my way of thinking. I fell in love with the city that was once looked down upon, besides the Country Club Plaza.

Abandoned brick buildings turned to lofts,  the Sprint Center added, and the Power and Light district breathed life.

Food trucks hit the pavement, Baldwin denim launched and new unchained restaurants started popping up.

Its influential, KC. It’s a city that is starting to own itself and create a name.

I love the atmosphere of new and old. I love how the light hits the buildings.

But my love for KC didn’t happen when I returned home from Chicago, oh no, it started almost two years after.

I joined a club on campus and was fortunate enough to attend an agency crawl.

The club visited four advertising agencies. Each with its own unique flair and theme; flight, space, sheep and corporate.

It was visiting these places that I got to see behind the curtains of what made KC great.

The artists, account managers, co-founders and friends.

Getting to see this side of the city was unexpected.

It was the day I fell in love with KC.


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