Hostess closing, high-fiber soda and tastier bacon.

Hostess Brands closed Friday morning after a recent Bakers Union strike weakened its operations. The company had to sell its assets, but Hostess’ closing comes as no shock after it filed for Chapter 11 protection in Jan. 2012.

An international group of researchers, Swine Genome Sequencing Consortium, released an analysis of the pig genome. Tastier pork could e the outcome of this research. Breeders now can pinpoint specific genes behind favorable traits to breed the next generation of pigs.

Pepsi distributors in Japan are using wheat dextrin, a soluble fiber, in its new high-fiber carbonated beverage. The product is designated as a food for specified health use after a 2006 study by Japan’s National Institute of Health and nutrition, found rats that ate dextrin absorbed less fat from food.


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