Nesquik Recall, Ban on Octopus Harvesting and 2013 Year of the Bun

Nestle recalls chocolate drink Nesquik, because of possible salmonella contamination. More than 200,00 canisters from October batches are being recalled. The canisters affected are 40.7 ounces, 21.8 ounces and 10.9 ounces with a best to use by date October 2014. Nestle said there have not been any reports of illness.

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife is considering a ban on octopus harvesting in Seattle and Puget Sound. The news comes after a diver created local outrage when he hunted and punched an octopus in Cove 2. The diver was hunting octopus for meat.

Fast food chains are trying to catch up with indie burger joints by adding buns with personality to menus. Flatbread sandwiches were tested at Wendy’s and McDonald’s. The rest of the world is ahead of America when it comes to burger buns. Also, watch for burger bars at brunch.


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