Kroger drops sprouts from stores, bagged McCafé sold in Canada and Proposition 37

Kroger, big grocery chain, is removing sprouts from its 2,425 stores because of the food’s safety risk. Since 1990 there have been more than 54 disease outbreaks. For the past two years retailers and restaurants have stopped selling sprouts at a steady increase. Kroger had two sprout recalls this year.

McDonald’s announced plans to sell bags of its ground coffee at restaurants in Canada starting November 8. The packages will cost $7 Canadian ($7.04 American). Last month the company filed a trademark for “McCafé” but no plans are known if the McDonald’s plans to sell the ground coffee in the U.S.

Big U.S. food companies are making headway in their push to defeat a California ballot to label genetically modified foods. The companies have gathered $40.9 million into a campaign to persuade voters to reject Proposition 37. About 40 percent of likely voters say they oppose the proposition.


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