The History of The Burger Stand

The Burger Stand started in 2009 in a local pub, but moved to The Casbah in July 2010 and since has expanded its menu. The restaurant brought gourmet burgers to Lawrence.

Audio Transcript

Michaela Warren: The Burger Stand started in 2009 by the Bates and Krause families. The owners partnered up with owners of a pub on Vermont Street.

Chris Hoffman (General manager of The Burger Stand): They partnered up, basically to bring the gourmet burger concept to Lawrence.

Warren: The Burger Stand owners were being offered free space at the pub. Simon Bates and Robert Krause partnered up to start the restaurant.

Hoffman: It was going to be like a part-time job. At first we were only open nights, Tuesdays through Saturdays. No Mondays, no Sundays. Everyday we opened up at 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., five hours.

Warren: Hoffman says the schedule lasted four weeks before it was just crazy. Hoffman was the second employee of the restaurant and says it wasn’t too long before they were open for lunches and seven days a week. The Burger Stand stayed at the pub until July 2010.

Hoffman: We moved to Mass. Street and they took over the kitchen with their own menu. I think we’ve both ended up winners in the situation.

Warren: The Burger Stand has been at The Casbah for a couple of years now and Hoffman says the best part of the move was getting a bigger kitchen.

Hoffman: Gosh, when we moved here we had like five burgers, four fries and one veggie option, I think. And being in a building with a kitchen six times larger than the one down there, our menu has tripled.

Warren: The restaurant does not advertise a lot, so it relies on people talking. For 2012 into 2013 The Burger Stand is pushing its Facebook page to interact more with its customers.

Hoffman: The Facebook has been our focus here in 2012 and into the 13, is to do even more on there. More polls, more letting customers decide what happens around here. What new burgers come.

Warren: Hoffman says they want the option to be available for customers. The Facebook page allows for customer feedback, access to new information and deals.

Warren: This is Michaela Warren, with That’s Food to Me.


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