Soft-drink ban lawsuit, Maillard Reaction anniversary and Wendy’s new logo

The American soft-drink industry and several New York restaurant and business groups filed a lawsuit Friday to overturn restrictions on sales of large sugary drinks. The suit claims the New York City Board of Health didn’t have the authority to approve the new rules unilaterally. The rules are to start in March.

A few hundred scientists gathered in France to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Maillard Reaction. The chemical reaction occurs every time a mixture of sugars and amino acids are heated, and explains why cooked food is delicious. Louis-Camille Maillard sought the reaction for medicine and diabetes not for food.

Wendy’s changed its logo for the first time since 1983. The change is a tangible signal of Wendy’s transformation into a high-end burger chain.  Wendy’s plans to introduce whole-wheat buns and flatbreads to change the perceptions about the healthfulness and quality of the chain’s food.


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