Liquid Nitrogen Cocktail, Pumpkin Latte Shortage and Apple Boom

A British teenager underwent emergency surgery to remove her stomach after drinking a liquid nitrogen cocktail. Gaby Scanlon went out for drinks to celebrate her 18th birthday at a wine bar. She is thought to have suffered an adverse reaction from ingesting a correctly prepared Jagermeister drink made with liquid nitrogen.

Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte craze is draining supplies at stores nationwide. Starbucks Corp. officials said the shortage is due to infrequent deliveries. Consumers are turning to a new instant version out of desperation and selling their supplies on eBay. Those turned away are emotionally tweeting about their dismay.

Washington state has an abundance of apples, but not enough pickers. Broetje Orchards has 2,000 workers picking apples, but needs at least 200 more experienced pickers. Since apples have a limited branch life, the labor shortage could lead to less profitable selling options.


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